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Monday, 2018-12-10

Software development for your ideas

Software Development
for your ideas.

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Impossible is nothing.

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We make it yours.

Supporting your business

Supporting your business.

Software development for your ideas

iOS App RiTherm for iPhone/iPad

This app is distributed by Rittal GmbH & Co. KG.

App description:

The RiTherm App handles the time-consuming process of calculating climate control requirements for individual enclosure assemblies.

With its fast selection feature, the app provides a compact variant of the full software version "Therm 6.1".

A user-friendly interface guides the operator in 5 easy steps to the most suitable, correctly dimensioned climate control component:

1. Project title

2. Parameter

3. Enclosure

4. Selection

5. Recommendation

The result can be sent quickly and easily as an e-mail.

Link to Apple AppStore