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Saturday, 2021-10-23

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Impossible is nothing.

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Software development for your ideas SSL certificates and more

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resellerTestResellertest is a demonstration of an SSL certificate trading and management platform and contrasts with certificate shops specialized in selling certificates like e.g. The system was developed using Java EE in combination with PrimeFaces.

The features are:

  • API connection to 5 CAs (certificate authorities) - Comodo, Certum, DigiCert, Trustwave, GlobalSign - hence a wide-ranging choice of products regarding vendors and certificate types (e.g. multi domain, wildcard, single domain)
  • hierarchic administration of the (purchased) certificates along with the possibility to assign them to different departments, perfect for companies owning a variety of certificates. In addition to that you are able to comfortably renew or replace them
  • Possibility to resell SSL certificates whose prices and commissions you can define yourself, you can have your own product line and appearance (design, domain, email templates etc.)
  • Comfortable management of customers and certificates
  • Comprehensive statistics about sales and revenues

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