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Tuesday, 2024-06-18

Software development for your ideas

Software Development
for your ideas.

Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing.

We make it yours

We make it yours.

Supporting your business

Supporting your business.

Software development for your ideas

Development of iPhone & iPad Apps / Android Apps

  • Apps for iOS und Android (native and web technology)
  • Apps as a frontend for web services
  • Apps as a frontend for embedded systems
  • Apps to control machines and devices
  • Communication via wifi and bluetooth
  • Modifications at android systems, e.g. for new hardware
  • Audo/video processing, encoding and streaming

We implement your iPhone, iPad and Android Apps:

  • for distribution in Apple's App Store or on Google Play
  • for in-house use in your company
  • Backend for banking software (communication with various banks), cross-platform for iOS, Linux and Windows
  • iOS app with audio mixer and video player
  • iOS app with audio/video encoding and streaming functionality with wifi and into files
  • iOS app iVideoshow for synchronized play-back of videos and PDFs
  • iOS and Android apps for controlling of machines and devices including embedded systems for them
  • Customization and construction of Android systems for new hardware
  • Android modifications at touch screen drivers and video display
  • Various product configurators as iOS and Android apps
  • Weight calculator as iOS and Android app
Public example apps
Innovation award IT

Some apps we produced for the Apple AppStore and Google Play: