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Wednesday, 2024-07-24

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Software Development
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Software development for your ideas
iOS-App iVideoShow
iOS-App iVideoShow
iOS-App iVideoShow
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iOS App iVideoShow for iPhone / iPad - Videopresentation

Plays videos and pdfs on multiple devices with synchronized start. It's made for presentations and shows. Presentations like for example meetings with iPads instead of a beamer and shows like for example exhibitions or multiple screen display.
Two different modes are available: Presentation mode and Show mode.

Presentation mode:

In presentation mode the master device chooses the file to play (must be available on all clients) and defines all settings. So all clients will show the same file. The master device can start, pause and stop videos, change to another file and change pages with pdfs. Clients newly started or restarted into a running presentation seamlessly begin playback at the same position as the already running clients.

Show mode:

In show mode, for each device a video or pdf is set for playback. It is possible to make presentations with different videos on each device for e.g. a multiple screen show. Playback starts synchronized.

  • Synchronized playback of videos and pdfs on several devices.
  • Synchronized start, pause and stop of videos.
  • Synchronized start, page change, pause and stop for pdfs.
  • Single play mode or endless loop play mode available.
  • Upload custom videos using iTunes.