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Wednesday, 2024-07-24

Software development for your ideas

Software Development
for your ideas.

Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing.

We make it yours

We make it yours.

Supporting your business

Supporting your business.

Software development for your ideas
iOS-App Metal World
Android-App Metal World

App Metal World for iPhone / iPad / Android

This app is distributed by Bikar-Metalle GmbH.

The app can:

calculate weights made from almost 300 materials and elements for:

  • Rolled and cast materials:
    sheets / plates / cuttings / rings / circular blanks
  • Bars:
    round / square / flat / hexagonal / octagonal / double hexagonal
  • Tubes:
    round / square / hexagonal – angular and round-hole / bushings / hollow bars
  • Profiles:
    angle (L) / T / U / Z / double T
  • Special shapes
  • Spheres

Weights: per kg/m or m² ● per item ● total weight
For tubular forms, calculate the missing dimensions
For semi-circular bars (sector of a circle), chord / height / diameter

Display specific weights:

The specific weights are displayed for all materials and elements.

Compare materials:

In the case of non-ferrous metals, EN standards are observed as well as many comparable standards according to DIN, UNI (Italy), BS (British Standard), AFNOR (France), and from Spain, Sweden and Norway. However, some of these are only similar.


Simply weigh a ball of fresh snow, an oak beam, or a wedding ring made of pure gold. There’s so much that you could weigh.

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