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Wednesday, 2024-07-24

Software development for your ideas

Software Development
for your ideas.

Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing.

We make it yours

We make it yours.

Supporting your business

Supporting your business.

Software development for your ideas

Web applications / Rich Intenet Applications (RIA) / Single Page

  • Richt internet applications (PHP / Java EE / HTML5 / Javascript)
  • Singe page applications with modern Javascript frameworks
  • Interfaces to call centers, Exchange (ESW), printing companies (PDI), ERP systems etc.
  • APIs and web services (REST, SOAP, WebDAV)
  • Web portals (Java EE, Java Enterprise)
  • Configuration web interfaces for embedded systems
  • Multi-state platforms for managing e.g. machines and devices
  • Complex database applications
  • Internal application for a bank with 2,500 users and interfaces for use by call centers, Exchange (ESW), printing establishments and various others business services (SOAP, WebDAV)
  • Marketing platform with customer and user management, group-based rights and other API-connections and interfaces
  • Connection from web applications to print-shop with direct production of print-data
  • Systems containing machine software, local production servers and management of machines, users, and processing activities, as well as primary system for tracking of production sites
  • Web portal (Java EE) for selling licences and certificates with reselling accounts and API connecion to various manufacturers, publishers and ERP systems
  • Web portals to which production machines and devices report and that make remote services possible to end-customers as well as central support
  • Various product configurators as web application with responsive layout
  • Web chat with API connection to Skype for Business (Lync), Apple and Google
  • User interface in web technology for machines and devices
  • Windows application and Linux server services for image processing and stream distribution
  • System for safe tunneling of RTP/UDP packets over VPN, "1 to n" and "n to 1", with buffering, time synchronization and packet resend when packets fail to arrive
  • Development following Common Criteria EAL4+ with AVA_VAN 5
Web applications