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Tuesday, 2024-06-18

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Software Development
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Impossible is nothing.

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Supporting your business.

Software development for your ideas
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easyFPGA – FPGA design made easy!

You want to take advantage of configurable hardware and avoid the effort of becoming acquainted with hardware description languages? Then easyFPGA is exactly what you are looking for! The toolkit consisting of both board and SDK will simplify your way to success with FPGA applications.

The innovative idea behind the easyFPGA project lies in the SDK supplied with the easyFPGA board. Using the SDK you are able to

  • describe the structure of an FPGA in a high-level language with the help of pre-confgured components (easyCores),
  • generate a binary from the structure description for whichever binary you like
  • install the binary in an FPGA without the need of additional programming adapters
  • communicate with the installed hardware

The most significant advantage is the SDK licensing as Open Source software: Everyone is allowed to use the SDK for non-commercial purposes free of charge as well as customize it to e.g. use it with another FPGA board.

We offer the easyFPGA board with the aim to get started very easily and fast. With its 3 GPIO banks you can simply integrate it as a plug-in module into your application. This enables you to use the SDK without the need of a time-consuming development of an FPGA base board.


Currently the SDK mainly contains easyCores for intercommunication purposes. The following ones are available:

  • easyI/O
  • Frequency divider
  • 8- and 16-Bit PWM
  • UART
  • SPI
  • I²C
  • MIDI
  • CAN wrapper (allows the integration of a CAN bus easyCore)

Our Open Source community ensures that new easyCores will be constantly added.

If you have concrete wishes or were not able to find your preferred easyCore, we would appreciate to develop additional easyCores or own FPGA board solutions according to your wishes.