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Wednesday, 2024-07-24
Further information

The team of os-cillation has released Xfld version 0.3.
Xfld 0.3 is based on Xfce 4.4rc1 and Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy). The images can be downloaded from the mirrors.



A fast and easy to use desktop environment is one of the key factors for a good workflow. Xfce provides a valuable alternative to the major and sometimes oversized desktop environments KDE and Gnome.

We have created Xfld as a live demo of Xfce for you to test the new Xfce desktop environment 4.4rc1 easily and without having to install anything to your hard drive, as it is bootable entirely from CD-ROM.


See the Xfld homepage for further information:

:: Xfld Homepage